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Baltic Energy Conservation Agency was founded in January 1996 in order to implement the principles of sustainable development, to promote renewable energy sources and to improve energy efficiency. Agency cooperates with local authorities, companies manufacturing biofuels, producers of thermal energy and its consumers. 

Baltic Energy Conservation Agency’s activities are aimed at the implementation of UE Directives on energy conservation and dissemination of state-of- the art, ecologically friendly technologies in the energy sector. Our activities include consultancy and expertise services as well as educational and training services in the area of rationalisation of energy use and of renewable energy sources utilisation.

Agency participates in realisation of numerous European projects concerning energy conservation under “Intelligent Energy Europe” Programme of European Commission. Agency runs European Pellet Centre – Polish branch and Project Service Facility “Thermomodernisation” aimed at facilitating activities related to energy efficiency, RES, modernisation of energy production and transport systems, modernisation of buildings and installations and financing of these investments.



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